About Us

The Group was formed in 1989 with an initial membership of about 25. Early meetings were held at Micklethwaite Mill, later at Northowram Church Hall and then at the Fountain Inn at Heaton. In 2003 the Group obtained use of the Memorial Hall at Eldwick for its meetings, and has remained there since. Over time, membership has grown to around 70 and has remained steady thereabouts for the last several years.

The Group is managed by a committee of elected officers and ordinary members, meeting when the need arises, with other members being co-opted as necessary. Elected officers serve for two years, with roughly half being elected at the Annual General Meeting in even-numbered years and the rest in odd-numbered. Ordinary members serve for one year. Our financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March, while the membership year is the calendar year, for which subscriptions are set at the A.G.M. in the previous April.

Meetings are held at 7:30pm on the first Tuesday of each month, mainly with professional demonstrators, any gaps being filled by demonstrations or talks by club members. The Club AGM is held at the April meeting.

A newsletter is occasionally circulated by email to all members who have access to the Internet when there is any item of particular intertest.

We own two lathes, a Record DML305 and a Nova DVR-XP, along with assorted accessories, these often being used by demonstrators at meetings. The lathes and some other items were bought in 2009 with the aid of a grant from the Lottery Commission. We have also two video cameras, and an electronic projector and portable screen purchased in 2013 assisted by a grant from Bradford Council’s Community Chest Scheme (Shipley Area).  All of these can be used during demonstrations, with switching between cameras on demand, besides which we have the use of a radio-microphone and speaker system,

A variety of abrasives is on sale to members at advantageous prices at all meetings. 
 Prizes, many donated by members, are raffled at meetings, the proceeds going into Group funds..

Twice a year the Group runs “hands-on” sessions at an outside venue, to which usually around ten members bring lathes and related equipment, and where anyone may come for instruction and practical experience under the guidance of more experienced turners. These events are ideal opportunities for anyone contemplating taking up woodturning to see what's entailed and even to have a go. A reasonably priced buffet lunch is usually available if pre-booked.

The Group is often invited to mount a display of work and to demonstrate woodturning at outside events. These have included the Northern Woodworking Show at Harrogate, Woodfest in Wales, Keighley Show, Eldwick Gala, Eldwick Art Show, Pudsey Lace Fair, Clayton West Scout Gala, and the St.Ives Estate (Bingley) visitor centre. Members frequently submit work for judging in the handicrafts sections at major events such as the Great Yorkshire Show at Harrogate, and have won numerous prestigious awards.